Google kills competition and eats the babies

Google is merciless with its competition

The tech giant Google is killing its competition. Since entering the vacation rental market, Google has favored its interests over that of advertiser Expedia. As a result of this the travel giants stock took a dive of over 27% in November. TripAdvisor also suffered heavy declines in stock prices. Both companies cited SEO issues being the cause, and it is well known that Google favors its own Hotel Finder platform which also includes vacation rentals.

So, what does that mean?

So, why is an internal war between vacation rental platorms important?, you might ask. Well, it simply shows that the vacation rental market is so big and so important that Google is ready to shove its own clients under the bus. This is great news for hosts that rent our units but concerning news for people who might not really want vacation rentals in their buildings. Google will do what ever it takes to make the money and nothing will stop them from killing their competition.

The internal war between vacation rental platforms is fueling the industry as hosting becomes more profitable. As a consequence, Airbnb-free communities suffer from an increase of unwelcome guests. Thus, protecting your home has become a staggering priority.

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