Enter: Google vacation rentals

Google has decided to enter the vacation rental business

With tech giant Google entering the vacation rental industry, everything changes

Airbnb, Homeaway and other vacation rental platforms now have the biggest business weapon any company can wish for: Google. When hosts sign up at Renters United, Google will push the listings inform of vacation seeking users. Google will have a special vacation rental section in their search function, like they already have with flights and hotels.

Google’s new adventure is a game changer for the vacation rental industry. Tests indicate that rentals and revenue will increase by 70%-80%. Vacation rentals will reach new heights.

So, what does this mean for Airbnb-free buildings? Well, Airbnb-free buildings have to acknowledge that they are alone in the battlefield, however not with out means. The properties decide if they want to allow vacation rentals and if not, they need to strengthen their efforts.

This can be done in two ways: 1. Stay informed about what is going on in the building and be active in taking listings down. 2. Inform the World that the building is Airbnb-free.

So far, the only organized webpage which informs the public about Airbnb-free properties is www.airbaware.com. The public cannot be blamed for going on vacation and the market is open to anybody, who wants to use it. Vacation rentals are here to stay, there is no doubt about that. So, fighting it serves no purpose. Informing about the policies in your building is the only liable and constructive solution. Now is the time to act.

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