Google Promoting Unauthorized Vacation Rentals.

When you go to Google Trips you will get the option to choose between hotel rooms and vacation rentals. It is a bit convoluted but here is the way to do it. 

Once in on Google Trips > Hotels > City. You will see that the option of Vacation Rentals appears alongside with Hotels. Here is a screen shot:

google trips
Google is active in the Vacation Rental biz

This means that the consumer no longer needs to go on to Airbnb or VRBO’s websites to find a Vacation Rental, Google trips has made the search very convenient. The problem is, that a good many amount of these vacation rentals, are in buildings that do not allow vacation rentals.  

Airbnb and other vacation rental companies refuse to hear the objections from Home Owners Associations and so the buildings are now under more pressure than before. Make sure your next vacation rental is legal at Airbaware.

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    • Nicolas Larsen - Reply

      Dear Danish Kahn.
      Sorry for the tardy reply. Are you by any chance Danish? So am I.
      Anyway, there is no fee users of the site and service. If you would like to add your building or address to the service, there is also no fee. However, we do request that testify that your community does not allow vacation rentals. This is the assurance that travellers have so they can trust us.

      Kind regards,
      CEO AirB Aware

    • Nicolas Larsen - Reply

      Hi Danish Kahn,

      There is no fee. We are a free consumer service.

      Kind regards,


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