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Enough is Enough

How and why homeowners deny vacation renters into their buildings. And why you should care.

Illegal Vacation rentals

It Is Not Only Airbnb

The vacation rental industry is now worth $125 Billion. There are many players, not only Airbnb.

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See If You Are Welcome…

If a property pops up, you are not welcome. Find another place, there are plenty to chose from.

Airbnb-Free Properties is a thing. A big thing.

Properties have the right to be Airbnb-free. The law has not helped. Courts have not helped. Police has not helped. Airbnb-free properties do not get support from anywhere. Now, properties evict travlers that show up. Airbnb-free properties simply will not let you in the door. And how will you know which property will welcome you and which will not? Well, AirB Aware is the only online platform that inform travelers. For free. You are welcome.


Many Airbnb hosts break the rules and rent out apartments in Airbnb-free communities, that do not allow vacation rentals. But nobody informs you about that. We do exactly that, and it is free to use.


The buildings on this site have all certified that they do not allow vacation rentals on their properties. And they pay to let you know. They want their peace, so please do not disturb.


Airbnb goes everywhere without permission. Many properties have had enough. They are Airbnb-free.
You can avoid those properties. Just look them up here, for free. You are welcome.

Airbnb-free properties

Are you in an Airbnb-Free building?

Do you want the World to find another vacation place?

Inform travelers online about your restrictions.

Report illegal hosts anonymously.

Always stay informed.

With AirB Aware there is no excuse for not knowing that a building is Airbnb-free. Our service is free to use, and the only one out there. It only takes a few minutes to get the information, so there is no reason to not look it up. You are welcome.

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Airbnb-Free Properties

Airbnb-Free Properties

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