Airbnb should take responsibility

In the state of crisis where everybody is trying to contain the world spread Corona virus, Airbnb goes against the stream, refusing people refunds and encouraging hosts to keep on renting their homes to strangers.

Obviously, hotels and and short term rental businesses need to consult their conscious in this severe time of crises, but scrupulous people should be shut down and Airbnb should be a front runner in the effort.

There are many, many vacation rentals across all platforms that are in buildings that do not allow vacation rentals. Hosts are renting out their units agains the bylaws of the community and thereby exposing the resident to a risk of both security and health.

“So far, all attempts to make Airbnb cooperate in shutting down listings in communities that oppose short term rentals, have not been successful”, says Nicolas Lund-Larsen, CEO of STR Monitor, an online company that helps communities with vacation rental problems.

“Airbnb excuse them selves by stating that they are simply a market place and that disputes between host and communties are not their problem. However, I dont understand why they take the hosts side when a community clearly present evidence that vacation rentals are not allowed. Especially now, with a pandemic that costs lives. I think that the vacation rentals companies should think less about money are more safety and health.” says Nicolas Lund-Larsen.

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