How To Report Your Neighbors Anonymously

How To Report Your Neighbors Illegal Airbnbs Anonymously to Us

Illegal Airbnbs on the rise

Airbaware has seen the number of illegal Airbnb listings that violate properties’ and buildings’ respect of privacy increase. Consequently, the demand to report these neighbors anonymously has gone up too. It is a well known fact that a lot of Airbnb:ers have a tendency to be loud, host parties, break community rules, etc. In other words, due to the short time that visitors are present at a premises, their lack of respect increases. This poses a threat to the remaining community as residents spend all their time on the premises. It is not uncommon for some residents constantly live with disturbance and strangers invading their common areas.

How To Report Your Neighbors Anonymously

Airbaware has recently developed a tool for residents and neighbors who have had enough of illegal Airbnb:ers. You can protect your home and community by reporting your neighbor’s illegal hosting activities to us. Your identity will always remain anonymous with us, so there is no need to worry about upsetting your neighbor. If you need help to figure out whether a neighbor is breaking community rules, please read signs that your Airbnb is illegal.

Airbaware is here to help

It is time to take action. End the illegal visitors in your community and restore the peace that once used to thrive in your common areas by reporting your neighbors anonymously to us.

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