Florida lawmakers give all power to Airbnb.

Florida lawmakers give all power to Airbnb.

A new law will make municipal Airbnb regulation illegal Most likely bill SB1128 will soon become law. A law that prohibits municipalities in Florida from regulating Airbnb. The bill received a heavy YES vote in committee and will not go the Senate floor where it is expected to be agreed upon. So, what does that mean to people who do not want their homes and common areas invaded by tourists, partying frat brothers and other…


Airbnb will validate all listings in 2020. Really?

We cannot wait. Airbnb CEO promises to validate all listings in 2020 In a tweet, Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky has said, that all Airbnb listings will be validated by December of 2020. It is not clear what the word “validated” encompasses, but since the promise has come in wake of fraud discovery, we assume that it has to do validating that listing are physically there. Not if the property allows it. AirB Aware will follow…


Airbnb disrupts Olympic discipline

Airbnb more powerfull than ever If anyone was ever in doubt of just how big, powerfull and worldwide the Airbnb brand is, that doubt should now be put away as the vacation rental company has officially become a sponsor partner at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan. Massive Critique The decision to allow Airbnb as sponsor has met massive criticism and most vocal is the Association of Hotel Owners in Paris, where the 2024…

Google Vacation Rentals

Google Promoting Unauthorized Vacation Rentals.

When you go to Google Trips you will get the option to choose between hotel rooms and vacation rentals. It is a bit convoluted but here is the way to do it.  Once in on Google Trips > Hotels > City. You will see that the option of Vacation Rentals appears alongside with Hotels. Here is a screen shot: This means that the consumer no longer needs to go on to Airbnb or VRBO’s websites to find…

Airbnb-free properties

Homeowners take back power.

Enough is enough, seems to be the word. Homeowners are frustrated with vacation renters walking in and out of the buildings they call home. Airbnb refuses to stop the traffic even in buildings that have a clear rental restriction. Many homeowners feel powerless as their common areas have been overrun by strangers.  So now, homeowners are taking action themselves. Through their boards they hire companies like STR Monitor™, that surveil the internet for vacation rental…