About AirB Aware

What We Do

AirB Aware is a free consumer protection service for travelers.

  • What we do is monitor short-term vacation rental sites for illegal listings, and inform travelers about the potential dangers of traveling to a destination where they will not be welcome upon arrival.
  • AirB Aware strives to provide consumer protection in the vacation rental industry, so that travelers can travel with peace in mind.
  • Many properties are now Airbnb-Free, which means that travelers are not welcome. So why go there, when there are so many others that do welcome travelers?
  • Vacation rental hosts can make a lot of money from renting out their homes, so they do not always tell you the truth about the fact that you may not be welcome to the property.
  • Airbnb-Free properties have had enough. They simply do not let you stay. However, they do inform you here.
  • Not anybody can add a property. The Board has to document that the property is truly Airbnb-Free, and it costs money to be listed on Airbaware.com.
  • There are about 600.000 vacation rentals only on Airbnb. Why chose the ones that give you trouble. AirB Aware is free to use, it takes only a few minutes, so please check your booking before you go. You are welcome.

About Airbaware
Airbaware.com cares about the safety of travellers