Airbnb issues refunds, make hosts pay.

Airbnb gets involved in all parts of the business and should also not allow hosts to rent out units in buildings that can prove that they do not allow vacation rentals.

In wake of the worldwide pandemic Airbnb has updated their “Extenuating Circumstances” policy and now travelers are can get refunds for bookings to be executed between March 14 to April 14, 2020.

The money comes from hosts, so Airbnb is actually simply making the hosts refund the money, that guests have paid. 

Now, as a defender of communities that do not allow vacation rentals, this might seem trivial. But the argument that Airbnb so often has used is that they are “merely a marketplace., and that they “do not get involved in disputes between hosts and landlords.”, seems farfetched.

At AirB Aware, we will be more than happy to help Airbnb identify the communities that do not allow vacation rentals.


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