Airbnb-free is a thing

Buildings have a responsibility to inform the pubic

So if a building is Airbnb-free, they should let travelers know, and the only platform to inform travelers is on Airbaware. We all know that vacation guests can be invasive and breach security, however property management has a responsibility in informing about their Airbnb-status.
Travellers do have a responsibility to ensure that their rental is legal, but that does not excuse the properties from not informing the public as well.

Not difficult

Informing the public about a property can entail a strategy and require man hours and money. But it does not have to be that complicated. More and more building managers are signing up to, signing over the responsibility to stay informed to the traveler. If Airbnb-free properties are present and travelers use the site, it will solve many issues.

The image below shows how an Airbnb-free property have chosen to inform the public and their residences that vacation rentals are not allowed on their property. This shows that it is not difficult to avoid such a large problem, but it all starts with taking the initiative to stop residents from breaking the law.

Vacation rental-free property
Many properties are now Airbnb-free. Look out for the sign.
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