Florida lawmakers give all power to Airbnb.

A new law will make municipal Airbnb regulation illegal

Most likely bill SB1128 will soon become law. A law that prohibits municipalities in Florida from regulating Airbnb.

Florida lawmakers give all power to Airbnb.
Airbnb and other vacation rental companies will be free of regulation in Florida

The bill received a heavy YES vote in committee and will not go the Senate floor where it is expected to be agreed upon.

So, what does that mean to people who do not want their homes and common areas invaded by tourists, partying frat brothers and other strangers? Well, it means that it is now entirely up to their Boards to enforce their rules and regulations. There will be no help or protection from the State of Florida or the municipality to protect their homes. 

Only the homeowner’s association can now protect the community. It is therefore super important that the communities and their Boards stop their residents from renting out units. And it is also very important that homeowners inform travelers that their building does not allow vacation rentals. With the new law, new times are coming and they are not getting easier.

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