Signs that your Airbnb is illegal

How to identify Airbnb-free properties

Some properties are lenient about allowing vacation rentals others are very strict. The strict ones will not allow you access to the building and you want to avoid them before you arrive. But the hosts will not always let you know. Here are some signs that your Airbnb is illegal.

Nobody wants to be where they are not welcome. And you don’t have to, it is not hard to avoid Airbnb-free properties.

  1. Don’t accept secrets. If the host seems secretive and doesn’t want to reveal relevant information, such as address or unit number, you should be cautious. Sometimes the host may even tell you to act as a close friend or relative, that is a big no-no.
  2. Meeting the host. If the host does not want to meet in the building but “down the street” or anywhere else, it is a sign that the building is Airbnb-free.
  3. Just ask. Ask the host if the building allows vacation rentals. The answer should be nothing less that yes. 
  4. Look it up. At you can look up your reservation’s address, building name and URL. It is free and there is no reason to not look it up.

Airbaware strives to protect the traveler. Follow these signs that your Airbnb is illegal, and you will always be able to travel with peace in mind.

Illegal Airbnb Signs
Don’t get kicked out from your Airbnb
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