Homeowners take back power.

Enough is enough, seems to be the word.

Homeowners are frustrated with vacation renters walking in and out of the buildings they call home. Airbnb refuses to stop the traffic even in buildings that have a clear rental restriction. Many homeowners feel powerless as their common areas have been overrun by strangers. 

So now, homeowners are taking action themselves. Through their boards they hire companies like STR Monitor™, that surveil the internet for vacation rental listings. At the same time, they kick out vacation renters or simply deny them access to the building. 

Is that fair to the travelers? Well, the culprits are obviously the hosts that rent out their units, in spite of the bylaws of the building. But it is true that travelers are in vulnerable situation especially as more and more buildings are cracking down hard. 

Airbaware.com is the traveler’s partner in this dilemma, as building that sign up for internet monitoring, automatically are in the Airbaware.com system. Now, all that travelers have to do, is run a check with Airbaware.com to avoid buildings that crack down on vacation travelers.

In the end, it is the hosts fault that misinformation is given. However, now travelers have a way to avoid trouble, and homeowners have a way to inform renters.

Airbnb-free homeowners
Many properties are now Airbnb-free
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