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Airbnb guests kicked out from illegal Airbnb rents

Airbnb guests kicked out.

Miami is is kicking Airbnb out of illegal rents. If you have booked an Airbnb in a property that is Airbnb-Free, you cannot be sure to stay. The City of Miami Beach has been craving down on illegal Airbnb rents and guest are kicked out by the task force called Code Compliance.  The New York Times has visited Miami Beach and concludes that guests are caught in the crossfire in the war between Airbnb and…

Airbnb is the biggest

Airbnb is the biggest…By far

All power to Airbnb When it comes to power and magnitude, Airbnb is the all mighty force of vacation rental platforms. Number to contender in the fight for customers is Homeaway, which in includes VRBO, and it is railing far behind the leader. In the larger short-term vacation rental markets, such as Miami and Miami Beach, Airbnb is more than ten times bigger in volume, including listings and turnover. In Miami and Miami Beach there…

Airbnb-Free Property

Why Airbnb-Free

Airbnb-Free buildings on the rise As more and more buildings become Airbnb-Free, managers see the power of the Home Owners Association being taken more seriously. “Home Owners Associations’ work is not always appreciated, even if it is time consuming and difficult. But now times are changing and the HOAs are the true rescuers of the property when they take on giants as Airbnb and Homeaway” says Regional Director Marcelo Martinez in Miami, who oversees 25…