Why Airbnb-Free

Airbnb-Free buildings on the rise

As more and more buildings become Airbnb-Free, managers see the power of the Home Owners Association being taken more seriously.

“Home Owners Associations’ work is not always appreciated, even if it is time consuming and difficult. But now times are changing and the HOAs are the true rescuers of the property when they take on giants as Airbnb and Homeaway” says Regional Director Marcelo Martinez in Miami, who oversees 25 building managers in Miami. “Remember, there is no support from local or regional law makers, so the buildings are on their own when it comes to fend off vacation rental platforms. First step in the fight against short term rentals is to let the World know that you do not allow it. ” continues Marcelo Martinez, when asked what buildings can do to minimize the issue.

Airbaware.com is important because it is a service that benefits the travellers and the properties. The more information both parties have, the less complication and the less issues there needs to be.

Airbaware.com is free of cost to travellers but buildings need to pay to be on the site. This is a guarantee to the consumers that the properties on the site take their information obligations seriously.


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