Travelers: Be smart with AirB Aware.

Travelers: Be smart with Air B Aware.

AirB Aware gives you the option of being a conscious traveler when it comes to vacation rentals.

If you are a polite and normal person, you travel with consideration and you will not force yourself on to a place, where you are not welcome. However, many hosts don’t care what the neighbors think, they just want your money and put up their place for rent against the rules of the building.

Airbnb is a successful business and it is a good idea, but the business must be conducted according to rules. If not, travelers become a nuisance and a burden for the bystanders.

AirB Aware offers an overview and map over buildings that say NO THANK YOU to vacation rentals. Their bylaws forbid short term rentals and they work actively to prevent strangers to invade their privacy. If you are a conscious consumer you will avoid these buildings. There are so many others that will welcome you. is free and easy to use. 

Stay out of trouble, it only takes a minute.

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