Enough, Already

Home owners take matter in their own hands.

Some home owners now deny vacation renters access to their buildings. They do it because Airbnb and other pages do not take them serious, when they prove, that their home does not allow short term rents. They do it because legislation is not supporting them. And they do it because they are tired of strangers invading their common areas.

Being fair about it.

However, they also have to be fair to travelers. Many associations and home owners have decided to inform the World that they do not accept vacation renters, which AirB Aware allows them to do. This way they hope that you do not travel in vain and end up with no place to stay once you arrive to your final destination.

Hosts don’t care.

Why not stop the hosts?, one might ask. Well, most associations do try to stop the hosts, however that is a lengthy process and again the association does not have any support. And IF, the hosts finally removes the listing, they simply re-list their apartment shortly after in another name. And the process can then start all over.

Security Guards ensure that only residents are allowed into many buildings.