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Airbaware.com – The airbnb no-go LIST

The NO-GO LIST shows apartment buildings that do not allow vacation rentals. Chose a city from the list below the map and click on it or in the top menu under NO-GO Buildings.   

You can also copy the URL from the listing you are looking at on Airbnb (or sites alike).

Paste it in the box below and click on “Search”.
You will immediately see if the lisiting is in a building that does not allow vacation rentals.

Click on your city below or to see a list of buildings that deny you access.

San Diego


     Los Angeles


   New York

       Palm Beach

         Sandy Springs


         Sunny Isles






Check before you book

Before you book a place that you like, simply ask the host if the apartment is in a building on the NO-GO list of the city you are going to.Here is an example you can copy and paste into the Contact Host box:

I like your apartment and would like to rent it. Can you please confirm that the apartment is not in a building that is on the NO-GO list in Miami? The list is here: http://www.airbaware.com/no-go-buildings-miami/ “.

If the building is not on the list, you are good. If it is, you should book another place.


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