Travelers, Here We Are

We are made for you, the traveler.

The buildings on our site have paid to let you know that they are Airbnb-free properties. When you come to their front desk, they will let you know that you cannot stay. And there is nothing you can do about it, you will have to find another place to stay.

In addition to this, many cities have started to crack down on travelers who stay in airbnb-free properties. This means that special task force agents have been instructed to find these properties, and kick any travelers out.

To avoid starting your trip on a bad note, you can check your rental here with us for free. There are no other webpages that offer you this service and there are no warning signs anywhere else. 

Even when the properties complain about vacation rental listings, Airbnb and the platforms do not remove the listings, so you do not know if you are going to an Airbnb-free property or not.

There are thousands of Airbnb and other vacation rental properties that welcome you, the traveler. With us you can now avoid the ones that do not. And feel safe. The properties own our site are trying to do you a favor. Please accept it and save your self from a problem.

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